Walgreens faces consumer anger over additional charges on toilet paper labeled as ‘essential

A vigilant shopper in Pennsylvania, Mary Bach, has taken Walgreens to court for illegally adding sales tax to toilet paper. According to Pennsylvania law, toilet paper is exempt from sales tax. Bach took the issue to court and won, however, the issue persists.

Mary Bach, has taken Walgreens to court for illegally adding sales tax to toilet paper (Photo: CBS)

Bach discovered the illegal charge on her receipt and has now filed a second complaint for the same issue. Bach said in an interview, “It’s something that we all use. We all need to buy, and I have no idea why this is continuing to occur.” Her complaint comes after she already went to court once where the judge sided with her, but Walgreens did not fix the issue quickly.

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This is not the first time Walgreens has faced legal action from customers. Another shopper from Florida, Nancy Fulk, has also sued the retailer for $50,000 after claiming that a shopping cart caused her physical injuries while shopping at a Walgreens location in Palm Springs on July 1, 2019.

Walgreens has released a statement to the local outlet, saying, “We are aware of the issue and are updating our systems to no longer charge tax on these items. We expect it to be resolved by tomorrow.”

Bach is scheduled to appear before the judge again in March and continues to raise awareness about the issue to ensure that retailers follow state laws and regulations when it comes to sales tax. Consumers are also reminded to always check their receipts and report any discrepancies. Many Walgreens and CVS locations have shut down this week.

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