Up to $13,500 Bonus Payments Will Arrive This Year – See If You’re Eligible

Bonus payments worth up to $13,500 are being offered to Americans throughout the country. The money is meant to provide help to millions of Americans struggling with the impact of rising inflation.

bonus payment
Bonus checks are being offered throughout the country and you might eligible for up to $13,500. (Photo: The US Sun)

Some states are already stepping in to help residents lessen their financial burden. The impact of rising inflation and the global pandemic has been a battle for American residents. With that being said, bonus payments are given to help with their needs.

Here are states and cities sending out bonus payments this 2023.


In 2022, Connecticut launched a Premium Pay program for essential workers worth $30 million.

Originally, the bonus payment gives $1,000 for full-time workers earning between $100,000 while those that earn $100,000 and $149,999 will receive a lesser amount. Part-time employees can collect as much as $500.

But when the state ran into an application influx issue, they had to create modifications. Full-time workers who earn more than $500,000 qualify for the $1,000 bonus payment, while that earning between $50,000 and $150,000 will qualify for the $100 and $800 bonus payment.

This program is intended for private-sector workers. Federal, State, and, Municipal government employees do not qualify for the bonus payment.

The bonus payment will start going out early next month in batches, according to the Comptroller’s Office.

2. MARYLAND – UP TO $13,500

The Maryland State Department of Education has been giving bonus payments to childcare providers since October 2022. The effort of sending these bonus payments worth up to $13,500 will continue this year.

To be eligible for the bonus payments, you must have a “first-time quality rating” and must have participated in the Maryland EXCELS early education program.

The bonus payments will continue to go out through June 30, 2023.

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Rochester, New York is giving bonus payments to a group of teachers. These bonus payments were realized through the effort of the Rochester Teachers Association in New York which voted for the approval of a three-year contract.

A retention bonus worth $1,500 was given during the first two years of the contract giving teachers a maximum $3,000 bonus payment.

To be eligible, they must be a member of the RTA Teacher Bargaining Unit and must be actively employed until the last day of the school year. The bonus payment will take effect starting July 1.

For more on how you can get money, see a list of states and cities offering universal basic income.

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