University Suspect Of Four Victims Boarded Back To Idaho

The University of Idaho suspect, 28-year-old Brian Coberger, boarded a plane from Pennsylvania back to Idaho Wednesday morning on a small Pennsylvania State Police plane. After about 15 hours of driving and his two stops for refueling, he landed at his 6.30pm.

At 12:00 a.m. Pacific time, he was immediately taken into custody by law enforcement, who loaded the defendant into his truck in a gray pickup en route to the Leiter County Jail.

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The press eagerly awaited the suspect’s arrival on the tarmac of Pullman Moscow Regional Airport. A reporter who sat in a parked car there for hours and stood nearby until he was eventually asked by the local fire department to pay a $6 parking fee.

The defendant will be held upon arrival at the 37-capacity prison, according to Lata County Sheriff Richard Skiles. However, Coberger will not be part of the prison general population.

Koberger will be the most famous person ever to be incarcerated in the smaller local Raitor County jail or in the larger agricultural area of ​​the Gem State known as The Palouse.

Defendant left Keystone and Pennsylvania Police Department authorities early on January 4, 2023 when he entered the door of the 47-foot aircraft. Though responsibility for his transportation fell to Moscow City during the trip, he was technically under PSP control the entire time. The sheriff’s office is now responsible.

Speaking briefly to Law&Crime Network’s Angenette Levy, Skiles said his office was ready for Kohberger’s arrival and that the prison was able to accommodate the defendant’s “strict” vegan diet. Defendants also have access to books and phones.