This Year’s Child Tax Credit – What You Need To Know

What is the Child Tax Credit?

Child Tax Credit is a tax credit for single or married workers. Earning low or moderate incomes who have dependent children under 17. You can receive a credit of up to $2,000 per child if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit and file a federal tax return. Workers whose earnings are too small to pay taxes may also be eligible for the Child Tax Credit. The amount of the credit will depend on the worker’s income.

Who is qualified for the Child Tax Credit?

To be qualified for the Child Tax Credit, single or married workers must; First, be able to claim an exemption for one or more dependent children under 17 years old on their tax return; Second, have either a Social Security Number (SNN) or an individual Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN). To individuals who are unable to obtain an SSN or TINs, these are issued by the IRS at Immigrant workers who have either of the two types of numbers are eligible for the CTC.

In claiming the Child Tax Credit, you must file Form 1040. You must provide your name and identification number, on your tax return for each qualifying child.

What forms do you need to bring to a Tax Assistance Site?

In visiting a Connecticut Tax-Aide Income Tax Assistance or VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site, you must bring the following:

1. All the W-2 forms for households

2. 1099 Forms (If any)

3. Social Security Card (s) or Individual Taxpayers ID number (s) for all household members.

4. Previous year’s Tax return (If available)

5. Child care provider name, address, and Tax ID number.

6. Education expenses and student loan information.

7. A check or savings account number with a routing number is needed for direct deposit.

8. For state tax returns, copies of payments to municipalities (local property taxes such as automobiles).

9. Other tax-related documents you have received.