The Highest Rate Of Identity Theft Is Clearly In Texas

People from the local community in Texas have been on the edge for they are on the high risk of falling a grave victim to identity theft.

Ghastly And Heinous

According to all the latest data provided by the National Council on Identity Theft Protection, Texans are at a higher risk than any other state in the U.S. With 5 states rounding it up to the most unsafe of places when it comes to online identity theft cases, the numbers have gone up from 2019 till 2021. A lot of factors have added to this. Residents and locals from Georgia were also just as likely as the Texans to witness this and fall victim to such abrasively gruesome crime. Iowa, however, has the least expectancy. The area of New Mexico also surprisingly saw very few numbers of identity theft crimes that were reported between 2019 and 2021.

Residents living in the Land of Enchantment were by far the least likely to ever experience the issue of identity theft. There hasn’t been reported crimes like this in a very long time and locals are hoping the situation stays the same. The study made my law enforcement officials and researchers show very vividly that the differences in the intensity and the number for crimes like these vary from one state to another based on the fact that different states have different laws regarding data protection and a few states actually make it easier to report such cases to even begin with.

The study also goes ahead to show that someone in this country falls prey to this every 22 seconds which is a ghastly number, given how massive the circumference is of the country and how many people belong from America. The total number of victims are expected to be in thousands and they keep rising every year.

An Escape, If At All

The researchers say that they have also put in the ratio of identity theft to all the cases of fraud happening, with each other. This has helped them to come up with some final rankings. These rankings were nonetheless impacted by if at all a state is placed as a priority on certain programs and activities that are aimed at assisting people in recovering all the stolen information per se.

The total coast to all the victims back in 2021 itself was estimated to be about $5.8 billion. Imagine losing a hefty sum of money only because someone else is devious enough to not fend for themselves but stage a coup and steal your life savings. Identity theft could very easily finish off the entire takeover of someone’s existing bank accounts or even making new accounts in someone else’s name.

In addition to that, some criminals online have also tried and completely and successfully impersonated others to collect tax benefit, among others. Being aware of such crimes and taking steps in order to prevent yourself or your loved ones from ever falling prey to something so heinous is a must.