Texas Woman’s Tragic End: Found Dead after Confronting Boyfriend About His Marriage

On January 11th, 33-year-old Kayla Kelley was reported missing by friends and loved ones in Collin County, Texas. Before her disappearance, Kelley had reportedly planned to confront her boyfriend, Ocastor Ferguson, after learning that he was married and using a false name.

Missing Texas Woman Is Found Dead After Planning to Confront Boyfriend About Him Being Married (Photo taken from Pixels)
After a weeks-long search, Kelley’s body was found in a field in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her car, which had been dumped and burned beyond recognition, was found near Ferguson’s place of work. In a chilling turn of events, Ferguson and his wife had recently reported their Lexus stolen, and the car was later found near Kelley’s home with duct tape, gloves, and a blanket inside.
Ferguson claimed to have last seen Kelley on January 10th when she dropped him off at work, and said she was supposed to return with lunch later that day, but never did. He also allegedly told police that he had parked his Lexus near Kelley’s home in an attempt to conceal it from his wife.
In texts reviewed by police, Kelley had told Ferguson that she would tell his wife about their relationship if he didn’t respond. Ferguson’s wife had reportedly received a text message from an unknown person, saying that they needed to tell her something.
Ferguson was arrested on January 14th and has been charged with kidnapping and arson. He is being held in the custody of Collin County Jail with a bond set to more than $1 million.
The tragic death of Kelley serves as a reminder of the dangers of online relationships and the importance of being cautious when meeting people online. It is a stark reminder to always be vigilant and aware of the people we interact with, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.