Texas Might Experience Snow, Dangerous Winter Storm Next Week

Early next week, a winter storm might bring snow to the Lone Star State. Texas will have “both rain and wintry precipitation” on Tuesday, according to Matt Lanza’s forecast from Space City Weather on Friday.

Storm Prediction

The Bayou City is not predicted to receive any snow from the storm, but other areas of the state, such as North Texas and the Panhandle into West Texas, may receive a dangerous amount of wintry mix with snow.

“There is a very reasonable probability that snow or ice might be a concern if you are planning any travel to North Texas, Oklahoma, or the Panhandles. This is particularly true for Lubbock and Amarillo into Wichita Falls and Oklahoma,” Lanza said in the forecast on Friday.

Lanza also advised residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Abilene areas to anticipate some snowy precipitation on Tuesday and to be ready for it to hamper any travel plans.

However, Lanza continued, “this might be a significant storm for areas of the state. Specific specifics are tough to fill out at this time.”

Severe Thunderstorms

Even if the storm doesn’t deliver snow, it should still impact Houston on Tuesday. According to Space City Weather, the Houston region “may be in for some strong or severe thunderstorms Tuesday depending on the precise strength and trajectory of this system.”

In the days leading up to the storm next week, Houstonians may enjoy a stretch of comparatively pleasant winter weather: Friday should give way to isolated showers and perhaps thunderstorms on Saturday. It should be largely sunny Sunday and Monday, with highs in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Other Reports, Winter Storm

The Houston region may see destructive winds, probable tornadoes, and snow on Tuesday due to a winter storm that is forecast to deliver snow to areas of Texas.

Eric Berger of Space City Weather predicted Monday morning that Tuesday will begin with sporadic showers and thunderstorms in the area as the system progresses towards the Lone Star State. According to Berger, “the line of storms will probably push off the coast around 4 to 6 pm and reach regions like Katy between approximately 1 and 3 pm, the downtown area around 2 to 4 pm.”

Strong winds, especially along the coast where gusts may reach 40 to even 50 mph, momentarily strong, heavy rains, and the possibility of some localized hail and possibly a tornado or two are the three things that Berger said these storms will bring. According to Space City Weather, Tuesday afternoon’s potential for severe weather is highest in coastal areas close to Brazoria and Galveston counties.

According to forecasts, the line of storms will bring one to three inches of cumulative rain to much of Houston and the surrounding area.