Texas Man Who Met Woman on Bumble App kidnapped, Tortured Her for 5 days

After she rejected his sexual advances, a Texas man who had met the lady on Christmas Eve on the dating app Bumble abducted, beat, and tormented her for five days, according to prosecutors.

Reports Showed

According to allegations in court documents filed in district court in Harris County, the woman allegedly suffered days of Mills punching her, hitting her with a screwdriver, and starving her before escaping his apartment on Thursday. Mills, 21, of Spring, was then detained and charged with felony aggravated kidnapping.

Authorities claim that on December 24, after picking up the woman and bringing her to his apartment, Mills abducted the unnamed J.W. A probable cause statement stated that the two had started dating after meeting on the dating app. He immediately attempted to have sex with the lady at Mills’ apartment, but she rejected him, according to court documents.

Probable Cause Statement

The probable cause statement stated that he “immediately started to physically abuse her and would not allow her leave the premises.” The victim said that after many “closed fist” blows, Mills would “take a screwdriver and would attack her with the handle.”

The probable cause statement said that Mills failed to provide her any food or drink while she was held hostage for five days.

When Mills left the flat to go see his father, she was able to flee. According to the probable cause statement, the lady had “serious bruising to both eyes, bite marks and cuts to both her neck and nose, and extensive bruises” across much of her body when she was interrogated by the police.

According to other court documents related to the matter, Mills was detained on Friday and was incarcerated on Saturday.

Records showed that he was freed on a $50,000 bail on Monday. Additionally, according to court documents, his defense requested a $20,000 bail while the prosecution asked for a $100,000 bond.

Other Reports

According to Texas officials, a 42-year-old married man utilized dating apps to locate moms so he could contact their children.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office claims that Epifanio Jimenez used the apps to look up “women with children” before approaching them and proposing to “spend time with them and their children.”

An inquiry into the attack on a 13-year-old girl led to his arrest on March 15 and the charging of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The girl, who is now 17 years old, disclosed to her high school counselor that Jimenez had sexually assaulted her in 2017.

According to the police, Jimenez did not meet the 13-year-old via a dating app. But throughout that inquiry, they came to the conclusion that he could have been utilizing dating apps to target young girls by getting in touch with their moms.

According to Click2Houston, investigators also learned that Jimenez is “on probation out of Galveston County for internet solicitation of a juvenile.” Lt. Scott Spencer stated as much at a news conference on Tuesday.

In that case, he was accused in 2018 and given a six-year probationary period.

The sheriff’s office is still looking for more possible victims.