Texas Man Faces Life Charges After Deadly Crime Spree, Police Says

After a fatal crime spree that included a bank heist, officials said a Corpus Christi man now facing life in prison.

Details Of The Report

According to a press statement from the U.S., 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne Carrington pled guilty to one count of bank robbery and one count of displaying a handgun. The Southern District of Texas’s attorney’s office said.

The press statement revealed that Carrington entered the American Bank on South Padre Island Drive on August 8, 2022, and approached the cashier while brandishing a silver revolver.

The release claims that he pointed the gun at the cashier and demanded all of the cash out of the drawer. The employee was cautioned by Carrington not to activate the alarm, and the teller listened.

An attempted murder in a private home and a killing at P.F. Chang’s were both gunshots that took place nearby the bank within 45 minutes of the heist, according to further research. eatery Chang’s,” the announcement said.

Carrington, according to the authorities, worked for the P.F. Chang’s.


Despite having thrown away the gun used in the robbery and shootings, Carrington was apprehended during a traffic check, according to the press statement. The firearm was located by authorities on a barren grass lot.

“Carrington eventually confessed to shooting the person at the private property and another employee at P.F. Chang’s, robbing American Bank, and having a gun in his possession despite having been convicted of a crime before, according to the press release.

March 29 is the date set for Carrington’s sentence. As of right now, he may spend up to 25 years in prison for the heist and seven years for brandishing the gun. The penalties must be served after any prior prison terms, according to the authorities.

Earlier Reports

On Christmas Eve, Roland Codrington was detained by the NYPD. He is thought to be responsible for a recent spate of stabbings that left two dead and several more hurt, as multiple fatal occurrences took place around the nation.

Although Codrington has so far been connected to three stabbing attacks, authorities are looking into whether he is also connected to additional stabbings in New York City.

The police claim that Codrington’s binge began on December 19 when he reportedly killed a man during an altercation outside of a mini-mart.

Codrington allegedly attacked two guys during a brawl in a pub before attacking a 61-year-old man the next day in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. According to the investigators, Codrington also did not know the second victim.

Over the Christmas holiday, suspected murder-suicides were reported in Thorton, Colorado, and St. Louis, Missouri.