Texas is Third Worst for the Number of Persons Dying While Waiting for Disability Payments

According to Social Security Benefit statistics, new applicants for disability benefits must wait upwards of seven months for their applications to be approved.

Details of the Report

Despite the fact that fewer people have sought disability benefits over the past three years, the situation is only growing worse, according to a USA Facts analysis. An independent nonprofit organization called USA facts gathers data. It explained just published Social Security statistics from January 2023.

A lady with a disability named Diedres Cortes remarked, “I have to strap them on like that.”

Leg braces are something she wears every day.

“I’m quite weak and shaky, Cortes said.

She said that she has partial paralysis.

Cortes stated, “Some days are better than others.”

Nearly three years have passed since she attempted to petition for long-term disability, and she is still awaiting word on her eligibility.

After around eight months, they rejected me for the first time, Cortes claimed.

Recent Social Security Statistics

The most recent social security statistics, which were released earlier this month, show that delays for applicants with disabilities have gotten worse over the previous three years.

The report also reveals a 142% rise in backlog in Texas. And the majority of those who apply never get their benefit requests accepted. Two out of three candidates are rejected nationally.

In a statement, a Social Security Administration representative for the Texas area stated:

“We’re looking at the things that are causing the backlog. It consists of several intricate problems. We are assessing the DDSs, which have historically high attrition rates of about 20% over the last two years for disability examiners, an increase in the amount of medical evidence that needs to be reviewed, and a lack of medical experts to conduct consultative exams and review cases as some of the factors contributing to the backlog.

Cortes wishes for some respite as quickly as possible.

Many people pass away before receiving their impairment, according to Cortes. “I gained my son, or I would have died.”

According to Social Security Data, each year, 10,000 people nationwide pass away while waiting for the outcome of disability applications, and 8,000 applicants end up declaring bankruptcy.

Other Reports, SSDI

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Anyone can apply for disability benefits online, over the phone, or at your local SSA office. They examine the application to ensure that a few prerequisites for receiving disability payments are satisfied. The claim may be rejected as a technical rejection in some cases, including when the non-disability conditions are not satisfied, and a medical decision is not made.

The state agency completes the Social Security disability determination based on federal laws, rules, and Agency policies and procedures. Prior to making a final decision, the SSA also examines a sample of initial disability claims. After completing these steps, payments are given for allowances or denials are accompanied by notifications.