Texan Teenager Accused With Killing A 16 Year Old Involving A Drug Case

A Texan high school student has been accused and held with capital murder after the death of a 16 year old boy during what appears to be a drug deal. Victoria Duron, a 17 year old teenager claims that her boyfriend who is also juvenile has shot the 16 year old Tyrone Fiamahn.

Minor Mishandling

Deputy police from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were immediately asked to come at the scene of crime, the motel situated in West Houston after a plausible death was reported at around 20:00 on the 16th of December, 2022. When the police officers arrived, they found Tyrone with numerous gunshot wounds on his neck and arm.

They suspected him to be dead for quite a while now, which is even more saddening, considering how young he was. Victoria said she knew Tyrone since he was her boyfriend’s drug supplier. Her boyfriend apparently sold all the drugs that he bought from Tyrone. She said she had met Tyrone along with her boyfriend quite a few times before this shooting supposedly took place.

The night that Tyrone died, Vitoria had claimed that he accused her and her boyfriend of stealing drugs from him but the couple kept denying it. She said her boyfriend then shot Tyrone. Before running away, however, the couple stole a thousand dollars and took the THC vapes from Tyrone’s bag as well as his phone and gun. After this mishap, the couple went straight to the boyfriend’s uncles’ house, where they both admitted to killing Tyrone. She said the uncle helped the couple burn all their clothes that they were wearing during the day Tyrone was shot. CCTV clips from the motel on the fateful night of 16th shows a man and a woman wearing hoodies getting dropped off in a Ford F150 Lyft truck.

A Sad Departure

The pair was seen knocking on the door and someone on the other side opened it after which they entered the same room Tyrone was found murdered in. Around 22:50, the same pair leaves the room. They are then seen leaving in a Lyft vehicle which was traced back to Victoria’s father’s phone number. Even cellphone records show that she was near the motel during the time of the murder.

Victoria gave a statement to the police in which she gave a few truths and many lies. It wasn’t clear which of her comments were truthful and which weren’t. No further information has been found regarding her boyfriend as of yet.

A GoFundMe has been created by Tyrone’s family to help with the money required to host a funeral in his name. Everyone everywhere connected to Tyrone said how energetic, lively and bright he was as a person. To think someone so young, extroverted and jovial person leave the face of Earth due to something so petty and unnecessary is heart breaking. His friends and family said how kind and optimistic a person he was who could make any dull situation turn into something exciting. As of 11th of January, almost $2,000 has been raised towards their apparent goal of $20,000.