Texan Democrat Bent on Criminalizing Hate Speech by

Representative with the name Sheila Jackson Lee, born and raised in Texas has now put forth a new bill that she hopes will counter attack white supremacy by making sure that some of the sentences which can clearly be put under the category of hate speech will be criminalized.

A Subtle Nudge

The new bill named “Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023” works in order to avoid and if caught, put behind bars the white supremacy mass who have little to no regards for anyone else and openly use hate speech to bring the other races down.

She seeks to amend Title 18 of the United States Code in order to broaden the scope of hate crimes that already exists. The bill goes on to say that a person engages in a white supremacy hate crime only when the ideology of White is better has instigated the planning, development and the preparation of actions that finally led to a devious crime.

Technically, if at all a person helps in formulating or motivating such a hate crime, even then that person would be arrested and put behind bars under the new bill. The bill also says that it would project criminal penalties for those people who would go on to support anything put out by white supremacy or even so close so as to support their ideologies and beliefs.

To be conveniently short and precise, if a person posting something unpleasant online also instigates another human to commit something even close to a hate crime, then the first person could face pretty serious charges against him. It isn’t yet decided or assured who will be taken behind bars, the person who created the post, the one who posted it or the one who got motivated from it to commit a crime.

A Future, More Secure

Something that’s still not clear is if at all Facebook or Twitter would face anything predominantly serious for hosting these posts. Having said that, mass shooting and petty offenses have subsequently increased in nature. These crimes are inspired by falsifying beliefs, theories which are man made and not proven to be true and are shared amongst people without any consideration for a group of people belonging to a particular community or race.

The language inside the bill is pretty board and it could clearly result in people facing criminal charges for the posts they share on social media. This was a long time coming, given so much crime takes place based on mere instigation.

Under this new bill, the Department of Justice has the power to investigate and undertake whatever actions that they seem is necessary to avoid white supremacy inspired conspiracies. They would also have the authority to prosecute any of the people who bring out hate crimes in others and would therefore be required to maintain all the record of white supremacy inspired hate crimes.

However, her bill as of now doesn’t have any co-sponsors and has a very low rate to pass off in a Republican House.