Tax Deadlines 2023: Mark The Important Dates

The Internal Revenue Services’ schedule of processing electronically filed or e-filed tax returns vary from year to year. Last year, the agency began accepting individual returns on January 24, but in 2021, they started receiving e-filed returns on February 12. The date was unusually late to ensure enough time to implement system changes to cater to those eligible for Child Tax Credit, stimulus checks, and more. IRS tends to accept returns in late January.

How early can you file taxes for 2023?

You can start preparing your tax return by having your W-2 or 1099 forms. You can submit your taxes early using some third-party tax services, but they still have to wait until the IRS starts accepting returns for processing.

By January 31, your employer is required to give you your W-2 and 1099 forms are also due by the end of January.

When are taxes due for 2023?

Taxes are due by April 18 since April 15 is Emancipation Day and falls on a Saturday, and April 17 is also a holiday observed in Washington, D.C.,. But if you reside in parts of California affected by the recent storms, you’ll have until the 15th of May to file business and federal individual taxes.

When does IRS Free File open?

IRS Free File allows you to file federal taxes for free either through IRS private tax preparation services partnership or through electronic fillable forms.

You may be qualified for free guided tax preparation services depending on your 2022 adjusted gross income. The agency has not announced the AGI thresholds for the 2022 tax year, but in 2021, the threshold was an AGI of $73,000 or less.

The IRS hasn’t announced the schedule for opening the  Free File system. The agency generally opens the Free File before they start accepting and processing returns. Last year, it opened on January 14.

Quarterly tax due dates

If your income isn’t subjected to withholding taxes, the IRS requires you to make estimated tax payments and do this on a quarterly basis or one annualized estimate that is due on April 18.

The deadline for  2023 quarterly payments are the following dates:

  • April 18:First payment
  • June 15:Second payment
  •  Sept. 15:Third payment
  • Jan. 16, 2024:Fourth payment