Suspected Car Thief , Shot, Killed by Weatherford Police

On Dec.24, a vehicle was reported stolen from Georgia, Weatherford police were called and responded to the scene immediately. After allegedly firing at police, a person suspected of operating a stolen vehicle was shot and killed by Weatherford police; the officers involved in the incident are currently being investigated. 

Chase into Shooting Incident

At 8:08 a.m., officers from the Weatherford Police Department were sent to York Avenue to a call regarding a car that was allegedly stolen. After arriving on the scene, the officers discovered the vehicle and started pursuing it.

According to police, a collision involving the allegedly stolen car happened during the chase close to the intersection of US-180 and the Ric Williamson Memorial Highway.

When the car crashed and came to a stop, the driver got out and started shooting at the pursuing police officers and state troopers. Officers’ bullets hit the suspect as they retaliated, and he was killed on the spot. No officers were hurt in the incident, a source posted. 

The Texas Rangers are looking into the officer-involved shooting, according to the police, and more information won’t be made public until then. After the incident, there is still a significant police presence in the area, and traffic delays are anticipated. The public is asked to stay away from the area until it is safe.

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Another Victim of Police Shooting in Texas

Rajan “Raj” Moonesinghe, a 33-year-old tech entrepreneur from Texas, was fatally shot by police last month after not being given enough time to drop the rifle he was carrying on his porch. He had just returned from a trip and believed his house had been broken into early on Nov. 15.

An Austin police officer saw him holding a rifle outside his front door and quickly shot him, ordering Moonesinghe to put the weapon down. In an interview, his mother and brother shared how devastated they were by what happened and how much pain they were in, according to report.

Johann Moonesinghe claimed that his brother had purchased a rifle for self-defense and that there had been recent crimes in the neighborhood.