Suspect Arrested For Burglarizing Billie Eilishe’s Family Home

A suspect was arrested Thursday night after breaking into singer Billie Eilish’s parents’ home.

LAPD officials answered a call from the Highland Park area of ​​Los Angeles around 9:00 am.
3pm according to ABC 7.

The outlet reports that Oscar parents and seven-time Grammy winners Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell own the home.

It’s not clear at this time if anything was stolen from the two-bedroom property. According to multiple reports, the suspect has been arrested. Video footage of the suspect’s arrest shows the man being handcuffed and restrained by at least three LAPD officers

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ABC7 correspondent Chris Christie took to Twitter to share an aerial view of his home and said LAPD burglary investigators were investigating the incident.

According to Christie, the male suspect jumped over the fence on the property. As of Thursday night, no injuries have been reported in the incident.

In 2019, the singer had to hire a security guard to sleep in her living room after her address was leaked online, and a group of fans showed up at her home.

“It was really traumatic,” she told Rolling Stone at the time.

“I’ve been in the spotlight all my life, but I don’t think anyone knows what fame really is because if I wanted to be famous, it wasn’t like this.” she added. “Bad Guy” hitmaker and producer brother Finneas grew up in this home. Her parents still own the house. The 21-year-old previously said she lives at home with her parents despite amassing a net worth of $53 million, according to Forbes.

The house is valued at an estimated $800,000, and her brother Phineas previously revealed that her parents slept on futons in the living room so they could each have their own bedroom.