Supreme Court Orders To Reconsider Denying Relief In Texan Death Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to reconsider its decision that included rejected any relief whatsoever to Areli Escobar, who was accused and sentenced to death based on evidence which the prosecutors had admitted to being misleading and unsure forensic proof.

Fighting For The Truth

Back in 2020 when COVID-19 had just begun culminating the human race and setting the ass ablaze, the Travis County district court had overturned Mr. Escobar’s conviction for the 2009 rape and murder of a very young woman in his residential apartment and had ruled that it was intensely unreliable from a scientific viewpoint. The DNA evidence that was found from the Austin Police Department’s crime lab was adamantly not believed.

That crime lab was then made to shut down back in 2016 after the Texas Forensic Science Commission found that the lab lacked majorly when it came to trained staff members and they were also not using the properly suggested and clinically certified testing procedures. They coherently used outdated mixtures to analyse DNA evidence and this wasn’t going to be taken as a strong proof, no matter what the result.

The trial court in Mr. Escobar’s case had found out that the lab’s failure in order to adhere to scientifically accepted practices was widespread. The lab’s results were not acceptable for they lacked any confirmation for an actual source and couldn’t even detect any contamination of samples.

Truth Shall Lead Him Free

After he took office in 2021, Travis County District Attorney José Garza went through the entire forensic evidence in Mr. Escobar’s case. Him and his team of lawyers figured out and assured that the entire jury back in the years had solely depended on evidence which was utterly inaccurate. He immediately filed a reconsideration case and asked the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to have a new trial at the very instant.

However, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied Mr. Escobar a new trial. The suspect then appealed to the Supreme Court where he quite convincingly argued that the state appellate court “stepped outside of the judicial role by sustaining the conviction on the basis of arguments no party made, reaching a result no party advocated, and in the process took upon itself the role of the prosecutor to decide whether the evidence was reliable enough to warrant the State convicting and executing petitioner.”

Finally on the 9th of January, 2023, the Court gave him a petition for reviewing the case and called it a very important day for justice. Mr. Garza said that it’s truly important that a jury should taken an unbiased decision based on facts and figures which are true in every sense of the term. He made sure that the Court reviews the actual happenings and doesn’t depend on a source that is in itself, broken and fraudulent. Mr. Escobar is one of six people currently under death sentences from Travis County.