Student from Texas adopting infant discovered in trash can, coated in ants: ‘I took a leap of faith’

Jimmy Amisial was traveling across Haiti when he heard a baby crying coming from a garbage can. 

No One Wants to Help

The 4-month-old infant was in excruciating discomfort and coated in ants in the trash. People gathered but did nothing to save the infant. 

Amisial remembered the event that occurred during a 2017 vacation to his own country: “Everyone was simply gazing at him—not a single individual wanted to help.” 

He intervened and brought the infant home, saying, “He was wailing and had no clothing on and I could see the misery in his eyes—I had to do something.”

The infant was fed and cleaned up by Amisial and his mother, Elcie. 

According to The Daily Mail, he asked the authorities for aid in locating the baby’s parents but received no response. Although his mother was horrified that he had brought a baby home, she was determined to do anything she could to ease the infant’s suffering.

Fortunately, other from the ant bites, there were no more significant wounds when they took him to the doctor for a checkup. 

Formal Guardianship

The baby’s future appeared to be unclear and the investigations turned up nothing. Amisial, a student, made the decision to intervene and asked for formal guardianship before giving the kid the name Emilio Angel Jeremiah. 

Amisial was a student at Texas State University studying communication and electronic media. He had a natural tendency to want to aid the less fortunate. 

He used to provide presents on a regular basis to the kids at the orphanage where he helped as a youngster.

Amisial’s mother looked after the infant in Haiti while he returned to Texas to pursue his study. To spend more time with the infant, Amisial began making frequent trips back and forth. He remarked, “I’m delighted that I got the chance to turn his life from being left in the garbage into a great gem.”

“I spent days awake, tossing and turning, trying to decide when I was asked to raise him. My family has always had financial difficulties, and I was already behind on my tuition expenses, said Amisial. 

To assist him make a choice, he reflected on his own upbringing and the experience of growing up without a father. Something within told him that everything had occurred for a purpose, so he took a leap of faith. 

“Sometimes, you don’t have to know what to do; you just have to be willing to do it,” he said. “I didn’t have a dad growing up, and this poor child was facing a lifetime of instability and uncertainty.

Amisial is attempting to acquire funds to complete the adoption of Jeremiah, who is now five. He has had a very close relationship with Jeremiah for about four and a half years and claims he “loves him as if [he] were [his] own,” according to The Mirror. He needs $60k in order to adopt Jeremiah. He stated, “I’m incredibly proud of him. It’s been a wonderful trip and watching him grow up has been very fulfilling.” 

GoFundMe Campaign

Amisial has launched a GoFundMe campaign to adopt Jeremiah, saying, “I had to do what I had to when no one else wanted to do it, and I’m so grateful for the past four and a half years.”

“It was those supernatural moments and interventions to demonstrate love, and clarity, and to show the world that we can do better,” the speaker said. “One thing I know is that you can never go wrong when you choose to love.”

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