State Representative Boden to Prioritize Property Tax Reform

Property taxes are growing faster than what is practical. Iowans are paying an average of 1.5 percent of the value of their home annually in their property taxes making it the 10th highest property tax burden in the country.

As the Iowa Legislative session takes place today, Representative Brooke Boden stated that one of her priorities this session includes looking at what she can do about property tax reform. Julian Garrett represents Warren County and Knoxville in Marion County in the State Senate, and Brooke Boden represents parts of Marion and Warren Counties in the House of Representatives during the session.

Representative Boden says, “I think we should look for some creative ways to try and create some relief.” She added, that they accomplished some tax relief last year lowering the income tax to 3.9% and eradicating the retirement tax, but they must continue to place the taxpayers first.

On the other hand, Iowans for Tax Relief (ITR) calls on their site that any property tax reform should include direct, property-specific notification to property owners regarding potential tax increases. Many people complain about their taxes when they receive their new property checks or their property tax accounts, but those are not the times when local elected officials are documenting their funding. Numerous local elected officials claim that they are not reached out to during the budgeting process by members, and constituents rarely attend public hearings on local budgets, mainly because they are confusing, and they may not be aware they are occurring.

Brooke Boden
State Representative Brooke Boden (photo; State Representative)