SNAP Monthly Benefit Reduction Starts in February 2023

Residents of Colorado who receive the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will start seeing a reduction in the amount of their benefit after February due to the passage of the Omnibus Bill (Consolidated Appropriations Act). It was signed into law on December 30, 2022. The reduction was enacted by Congress and is not appealable by SNAP recipients.

Emergency additional SNAP benefits are ending in February 2023 (Photo, My Basin)

The emergency allotment given to SNAP participants gave them additional money to buy food during the pandemic. SNAP households received additional $95 benefits. But since the emergency additional benefit will end in February, it will result in an average reduction of $360 a month for a family of four or $90 per person monthly. All SNAP participants will return to their normal SNAP benefit which depends on their household income. The reduction in benefits will have a great impact on many households in Colorado.

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If a SNAP participant lives in a state that has already ended emergency allotments, their benefits have returned to normal amounts, and the recent law will not impact their benefit amounts. If they live in South Carolina, which is ending emergency allotments after January 2023, their benefits will return to normal amounts in February 2023. If they live in any other state or territory, their benefits will return to normal amounts beginning with the March 2023 issuance.

A new website  was launched by Colorado to help residents in planning for the end of these temporary federal benefits.

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