Robber Shot By A Man And Money Returned To The Victims

An intense case has unfolded where a customer at a diner in Texas taqueria quite heroically shot a robber who had entered a Taco restaurant terrifying customers for their money.

Crime Unfolded

Officers working with the Houston Police Department were immediately sent to the restaurant where this happened. Eyewitnesses told the investigating officers that a man wearing a black ski mask and black gloves, quite the clothes of a thief, entered the said restaurant and pointed a gun at everyone demanding a heavy sum from them.

One of the customers, fortunately, had a gun of his own and he pulled it out, shooting the suspect multiple times. All the money that the alleged robber had with him, the man collected and gave back to the patrons. After the ambulance came to the scene, they pronounced the victim dead on the scene.

The Houston Police Department confirmed to USA TODAY on Monday that the man who allegedly stole from the restaurant customers did not have an actual firearm, but he instead had a pretend weapon, such as a BB gun.

After reports came from the doctors, it was said by the police that the shooter who was 46 years old didn’t actually have a real gun. It was only a pretend gun that he used to scare people off for money and looting.

Role Of The Shooter, If Any

The man who shot the robber has been called a person of interest by the Houston police. This has created quite a stir among the masses. While most of them have hailed him as a hero for protecting himself as well as others from something so absurd, others have questioned his actions saying he shouldn’t have killed the robber, instead pushed him or hurt him otherwise and the police would have taken care of it after that.

The lawyer who was presenting the shooting victim spoke to the Houston police and set up a time for his client to come and talk to the investigating officers. The officers are willing to speak to anybody who was present at the restaurant that night during the time of the shooting. The incident had taken place at the El Ranchito #4 taqueria in the 6000 block of South Gessner Road in Houston around 23:30 PM.

The officers are asking for help from the masses in identifying the customer who shot the robber as they want to speak to him about his role in the shooting, if at all any. No charges have been filed against him just yet, nonetheless. The Investigators have shared a photo of the man wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and glasses with a pistol in his hands, most possibly Hispanic.

The investigating officers initially had denied naming the robber since he wasn’t arrested but later confirmed that he was Eric Eugene Washington, a 30-year-old. The mother of the deceased robber has spoken out after the case unfolded. A Texas grand jury will now decide whether or not the armed diner who shot the robber would face any criminal charges against him.