Relief Check Of $450 To Be Sent For The American’s Utility Cost, Are You Eligible

Maine Governor Janet Mills signed into law a $474 million bill that includes a range of measures to help residents cope with energy prices this winter.

This is funded by his $283 million in earnings recently forecast by the Earnings Forecasting Board.

The package also uses $157 million allocated to states under the Federal American Rescue Plan Act.

With this, each eligible Mainer will receive his one-time payment worth $450.

The state estimates that the average family receives $900.

The move comes after the Maine Public Utilities Commission announced in January that he would raise electricity bills for Central Maine Power Company customers by 49% year-over-year.

“With soaring energy prices causing real hardship, this emergency response will ease the financial burden on Maine’s people, put money back in their pockets, and help our most vulnerable citizens stay warm this winter,” Mills said. so that you can spend your timeWho qualifies?

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Who Qualifies?

To qualify, you must meet certain criteria.

This includes filing your 2021 tax returns and being a full-time resident who is not claimed as a dependent.

Other Benefits of the Package
Along with checks, aid packages help fund other programs.

For example, he will use $40 million to sponsor the state’s Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) to help low-income people.

“The additional funding, nearly doubling existing federal funding, will enable MaineHousing to provide HEAP recipients with financial performance comparable to last year’s performance,” the state relief plan said.

The nonprofit Maine Community Action Partnerships will raise her $10 million to provide emergency fuel relief to homes.

The state estimates that 12,500 households will be eligible for up to $800 in assistance.

In addition, she will have $21 million allocated to the Emergency Housing Relief Fund. This fund aims to provide shelter for homeless people in Maine.