Police Caught Houston Man Assaulting a Woman Inside a Car

After a Brenham police officer noticed 28-year-old Jonathan Valdez physically attacking a person inside a car, Valadez was detained early on Saturday morning on assault charges. When the officer got close to the car with Valdez and the woman inside, he discovered that the woman had physical evidence of abuse.

Signs of Abuse were Evident 

According to Brenham Police, Officer Eric Crosby contacted a suspect inside a parked car at 2:05 on Saturday morning while on close patrol in the 800 block of Highway 290 West.

Officer Crosby approached the car and saw that the female passenger had edema, bruising, and a cracked lip. The woman was abused, and denied air, consistent with damage to her neck, and Valdez was identified as the perpetrator, a source posted. 

Valdez was taken into custody and transferred to the Washington County Jail after being charged with Assault of a Family or Household Member by Impeding Breath or Circulation.

Three Women were Sexually Assaulted in Texas

Three Texas A&M students were sexually attacked recently, making them one of the numerous Texas women who suffer from assault in the state. According to the Texas A&M University Police Department, the suspects in alleged sexual assaults may be linked. On Jan. 26, two survivors reported being sexually attacked in an off-campus apartment. The incident happened on Jan. 18.

The two women claimed to have met the guy at a Northgate pub before visiting his flat. The sexual assaults happened there, according to the police. One of the women claimed to have been suffocated when speaking with authorities.

According to the police, a third attack on Jan.  18 was reported on Jan. 27. Another woman reported being sexually attacked at her off-campus residence to police after giving the suspect a ride there from a friend’s house. The authorities said that the suspect’s identity is currently known, and the identities of the women are currently kept secret.