Plano Teen Vandalized Houses, Spray-Painted Racial Slurs, Bible Verses

Police in Plano, Texas, are looking for a man who they claim broke into a storage shed and used spray paint to damage nearly a dozen residences. On Thursday morning, neighbors found racial epithets and random Bible verses spray-painted on houses and cars. For a Plano neighborhood, the year’s conclusion is unwanted.

An Insult to the Neighborhood

According to Plano police, the alleged vandal was seen on video from a neighbor’s ring camera. He can be seen approaching the camera while walking up the driveway in the video. He painted the camera while directly gazing into it. That video and important information about the vandal’s identity are available to police.

Darryl Chance, a white man, claimed that despite having lived in the neighborhood for 45 years, this was the first time it had occurred. On Thursday morning, Chance came outside to see that his wife’s car had been vandalized with a racial epithet. They found it offensive that the suspect, a teenager, scrawled the word “black.” The vandal spray-painted crosses and the number “666” on Chance’s truck and then covered them with black tape, a source posted. 

The suspect also broke into Stephanie Cruz’s storage shed and stole two toolboxes containing tools and spray paint. One of the toolboxes was left next to Stephanie Cruz’s fence with the word “Thanks,” which had been spray painted on the fence. Cruz felt like the vandal was saying, “Thanks,” for the spray paint. 

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Rampant Vandalism in Plano

A man was detained by Plano police after being sought in connection with the vandalism of five police vehicles parked at the K Avenue substation. A blunt instrument was allegedly used by the suspect to break the rear and side windows of two visibly marked Plano Police units and  more than $5,000 was estimated. 

Police tracked a suspect vehicle using security images and a partial license plate number. According to the police, the car belonged to a suspect who had been detained for public intoxication a few days before.

When Plano Parks and Recreation reopened the restroom at Jack Carter in November after closing it three times due to vandalism, they discovered additional graffiti. The destruction was committed by minors, according to the Plano Police Department, who attempted to remove the sink from the wall and continued to bash at the mirrors.