Payments between $36 and $25,000 Are To Be Claimed Before Three January Deadlines – See If You’re Eligible 

Payments between $36 and $25,000 are To Be Claimed Before Three January Deadlines – See If You’re Eligible

This month, cash is available to eligible Americans – but they need to take swift action to avoid missing out worth up to $25,000.

In Chelsea, Massachusetts, a big deadline was passed recently for their universal basic income program where hundreds of Americans selected randomly will be given three payments every month ranging from $200 to $400.

A few payment deadlines coming for this month are as follows:

1. Keurig – up to $36

Keurig Dr. Pepper is a coffee maker that was sued in 2018 over allegedly misleading its customers about recycling its products. Though the company denied the claims, a $10 million settlement was reached in 2022. The company needs to give refunds to its customers who purchased single-serving K-Cups in the United States between June 8, 2016, and August 8, 2022. For every 100 purchases, they need to give a refund worth 35 cents per 10 pods or $3.50. This resulted in $36 worth of cash available to households who became their customers on the said date. The maximum amount that can be claimed per household is worth $5 if they don’t have proof of purchase. January 9 is the deadline for the filing of claims and it can be done online.

2. New Jersey – up to $1,500

New Jersey’s expanded property tax rebate program now allows renters to receive a tax rebate worth up to $1,500. Qualification is determined through their income.

According to the New Jersey Department of Treasury, the eligible groups and the amount they will receive are as follows:

  • Homeowners who are earning up to $150,000 will receive $1,500
  • Homeowners who are earning between $150,000 and $250,000 will receive $1,000
  • Renters earning up to $150,000 will receive $450

To be eligible, homeowners and renters must have owned or rented a home on October 1, 2019, and have filed for exemption in state taxes.

The deadline for applying online, by phone, or by mail is on January 31, Tuesday.

3. T-Mobile – Up to $25,000

T-Mobile was also in legal trouble over a cyberattack in the year 2021. It agreed to pay a combined $350 million to its 76 million users.

Customers can get a payment of $25 while California residents are entitled $100 payment. A reimbursement amount of up to $25,000 is given to customers who have spent time or money to recover from identity theft or fraud that relates to the breach. You can submit a claim if you believe you were affected. The deadline for submitting the claim is January 23, Monday.

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Americans need to take action on two settlements and a rebate (Photo: Unsplash)