North Dakota Woman Arrested After Numerous Child Abuse Offenses

North Dakota woman, Miranda Sorlie, was arrested after abusing at least 4 children under 2 years old. Sorlie ran a daycare out of her house. She was arrested and charged with three counts of child abuse by a caregiver and six counts of child neglect by a person providing parental care that involved four different children all under the age of two. Each charge is considered a felony offense.

Sorlie was first accused of child abuse when the family of a 1-year-old boy she had been watching reported and complained about injuries found in the boy’s body while he was allegedly under the care of the defendant, according to documents obtained by KVLY. The boy’s father notices bruising on the boy’s ear and marks on his scalp, arms, and feet. They immediately asked Sorlie but she pled ignorance and said that the injuries were self-inflicted but Sanford Hospital’s diagnosis is different. Dr. Jada Ingalls said the injuries were the results of being pinched and slapped with an open palm, court documents say. A social worker of Cass County worked on the case and attempted to follow up with the defendant but Sorlie refused interviews saying she doesn’t feel comfortable being questioned in her own home. After that, the defendant did not answer phone calls. A week after, the police tried another interview but she refused again closing her doors.

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The second family contacted the police in May 2022 asking for help to get their child back from Sorlie since she wouldn’t open the door. When the officers responded, Sorlie opened the door and said they did not hear the knocks because they were napping.

Later that same day, a third family contacted the police reporting that their child had bruises on the back of her neck, a laceration, and a bruise on her cheek and that her diaper had not been changed all day.

Dr. Ingalls examined all the children and found evidence of abuse and neglect.

The defendant was arrested on Monday “with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service High Plains Fugitive Task Force” and is currently out on bond. Her next court date schedule is slated for Feb. 9.

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