New Year’s day tragedy: 8-year-old boy fatally stabbed by own grandfather

A 62-year-old grandfather allegedly stabbed to death his grandson in Richland Hills, Texas.

The Richland Hills Police officers immediately responded after receiving a report of a stabbing incident in the 3500 block of Labadie Drive on Sunday, January 1 at about 7:30 am. The police found the lifeless body of the 8-year-old victim and were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Philip Hughes, the boy’s grandfather was reportedly identified as the suspect in the stabbing. The suspect was found a few blocks away from the crime scene. The officers then took him into police custody and later transported him to the Joint Detention Center at North Richland Hills Police Department. The neighbor’s doorbell camera allegedly captured the arrest.

An edged blade weapon was recovered at the crime scene and is believed to be used in fatally stabbing the victim.
Richland Hills Police officer Sheena McEachran stated that the department is doing everything to investigate the case fully and that justice will be served for the family. Based on the initial investigation the officers believed that there are no other suspects involved.

The police called the alleged stabbing a “senseless tragedy” and asked for “continued prayers for everyone involved.”
The officers are hopeful that during the investigation all questions will be answered as to why the tragedy occurred.