Missouri Governor Parson Announces Bold Plan to Alleviate Child Care Crisis with New Tax Credit Programs

Governor Mike Parson of Missouri has proposed three new child tax care credit programs to tackle the child care crisis in the state. The proposal comes as families struggle to find affordable child care, while providers struggle with staffing shortages.

The childcare crisis in Missouri has been a major concern for many families and businesses. The search for affordable child care can be a long and difficult process, with some families waiting for months before finding an option that fits their budget. This has been made worse by the pandemic, which has resulted in the closure of hundreds of childcare facilities in the state.

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The programs would help alleviate the child care crisis.
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The programs would improve childcare facilities, help employers who are supporting their workers with childcare assistance and give a pay increase to more childcare workers. Parson also requested $56 million to expand pre-K options and $78 million to increase childcare subsidy rates.

Wendy Doyle, the CEO and president of “United WE”, an organization working to advance women economically, said, “We lost about 400 childcare facilities in the state of Missouri as a result of the pandemic with no plans to reopen.” The organization has spent the last couple of years looking into the childcare crisis, and following a study from last summer, “United WE” held town halls with mothers and childcare providers, listening to their struggles.

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For single mothers, the cost of child care can be as much as a third of their income, which is a significant burden. Families on both sides of the state line have been affected by the childcare crisis, and Governor Parson’s proposal is a step in the right direction to address this issue.

The expansion of pre-K options and increase in childcare subsidy rates will help make child care more affordable for families, and the improvements to childcare facilities and pay increases for childcare workers will ensure that the childcare options available are of high quality.

In conclusion, Governor Mike Parson’s proposal of three new child tax care credit programs is an important step towards addressing the child care crisis in Missouri. The programs will help improve childcare facilities, support employers who are providing childcare assistance to their workers and provide pay increases to childcare workers.

Additionally, Governor Mike Parson’s proposal of $56 million to expand pre-K options and $78 million to increase childcare subsidy rates will make child care more affordable for families. With these measures in place, parents will have a better chance of finding affordable and quality child care for their children.

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