Missing Texan Woman Found Dead After Finding Out His Boyfriend Was Married

A woman named Kayla Kelley’s body was found on Wednesday in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Horrifying Disappearance

The 33-year-old woman from Collin County, Texas has been found dead after friends and relatives had reported her missing on the 11th of January, 2023. Before she had disappeared, investigating officers had said that she was planning in order to confront her boyfriend about the fact that he was married and was using a different name.

After a long and tiring search that lasted for weeks, Kelley’s body was found in a field in Grand Prairie, Texas. This was confirmed by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. She was reported missing and her loved ones were concerned that she was in fact abducted. They hadn’t heard from her in quite a few days. Her car was found dumped in a place and was put on fire which made it look utterly unrecognizable. It was found near her boyfriend, Ocastor Shavon Ferguson’s office.

Ferguson and his wife have given a report where they had said that their Lexus was stolen and days later it was found near Kelley’s home with gloves, duct tape, and blankets inside it.

When he was being interrogated by the police, Ferguson had said that he had seen Kelley on the 10th of January, when she had dropped him off at work. He also said that he had expected her to return and get him his lunch by 6 PM but she didn’t show up at all. He had also told police that his Lexus was parked near Kelley’s house for he was trying to hide it from his wife.

Schemed Trails

All of this clearly looked like a schemed lie. Moving on, he and Kelley had apparently started dating back last summer after meeting online for the very first time. He had used Kevin as his name because he didn’t want her to discover his true identity, according to reports. Before she was reported missing, she had told her friends that she was wanting to talk to him about his obnoxious lies.

Kelley had told Ferguson she would tell his wife about herself if he didn’t respond to her. Ferguson’s wife later told police that she had received a text from an unknown number telling her that they wanted to share something with them. However, his wife didn’t reply to any of the messages, police said.

Ferguson’s phone records show that he was near the crime scene and also where Kelley’s car was burned. He was arrested consequently and has been charged with kidnapping and arson as of now. The police say that they believe the murderer is now behind bars.

He is now being held captive in the Collin County Jail on a $1 million bond. It isn’t sure just yet if he has submitted a plea or induced an attorney but things don’t look very pleasant for the conman over here.