Minor, Shot, Killed Co-Worker, Denies Gun Was Loaded

Marissa Dikeman, 19, was shot and killed on Thursday in the Crosby area, and Cayman Wilson, 17, has been charged with manslaughter in connection with the incident. When taking down the Christmas decorations at the house with Dikeman, Wilson, and another one of their coworkers, Wilson eventually discovered a firearm and fired a shot. 

An Accidental Shot

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. at home on Sherri Lane near Lord Road just northwest of Highway 90. Wilson and another teenager were helping Dikeman take down Christmas decorations in her home in Crosby. A report said that while the boys were helping, Wilson pointed and fired a shotgun at the 19-year-old.

According to Sgt. Greg Pinkins, the victim’s roommate, who wasn’t present when the incident happened, may have owned the gun. Wilson allegedly denied knowing the firearm was loaded and claimed he pressed the trigger for the first time without it firing. According to investigators, Wilson called Dikeman inside while pointing the rifle at the door to make a joke,  and is accused of killing her then. 

The other 17-year-old boy was not charged, so Wilson was taken to the Harris County Jail. According to court documents, Wilson was granted bail and will appear in court on Tuesday, a source posted. 

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Accidental Shooting in Texas 

A man in San Antonio accidentally shot himself in the face while handling a gun two weeks ago. According to the police, the shooting was unintentional and self-inflicted, not a suicide attempt. Inside his residence, the young man was holding the firearm when it accidentally went off, shooting him in the cheek and jaw.

A man accidentally shot himself during a brawl in Houston, one person was injured.  Around 8 p.m., the police were called regarding a shooting on Tuesday at Allendale Road’s 4800 block. They discovered one man dead and another injured when they got there. According to reports, a confrontation between the two turned violent.