Man, woman died in early morning collisions while crossing two different highways

Early on Wednesday morning, two pedestrians who were crossing busy roadways in separate sections of the city were struck by automobiles and murdered.

Incident of Report

Around three in the morning, there was a collision. A few hundred yards from the Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph gate on FM 78 near Universal City.

According to Universal City police, a woman, who seemed to be homeless, was hit and/or driven over by up to five vehicles as she attempted to cross FM 78 just east of Pat Booker Road.

The first two vehicles that hit her, according to police, stopped and attempted to help, but she died at the spot.

They surmise that the other motorists who ran her over and continued driving might not have been aware that someone was on the road.

A few hours later, Mike Goreczny ran passed the area and made a quip about how he frequently had close misses with autos.

People don’t pay attention, so you have to be really vigilant, he remarked. “I always have a light that is off, a flashing light in the rear, and a reflective vest on.”

The drivers in this instance, according to Universal City police, did not appear to have broken any laws.

Struck on a Dark

The woman was struck on a dark section of road that was not marked as a crosswalk.

Prior to 7 a.m., San Antonio police report another collision in which a motorist hit a guy and continued driving.

In the 200 block of South, witnesses claimed to have seen the man “staggering across the street.” WW White moments before being struck.

He passed away at the scene from his wounds.

The sole description of the implicated car, according to the police, is that it could have been an SUV.

According to reports, the motorist may be prosecuted for failing to stop after the collision if they are found.

The name of the man killed, who police say appeared to be in his 20s or 30s, was not released right away.

Other Crimes

An employee at a hotel on San Antonio’s Northeast Side was detained this month after it was reported by San Antonio police that he tried to sexually abuse a visitor inside her room.

A third-degree felony allegation of attempted sexual assault was brought against Nareshkumar Patel, 53, on January 12.

According to a SAPD incident report, Patel is accused of entering a guest’s room at a Motel 6 on January 11 in the 5500 block of Pan-Am Expressway, close to Loop 410 and Rittiman Road, and “bear hugging” the lady.

According to the allegation, Patel told the victim, “We having fun now,” as he rubbed his face all over her face.

The phone went to voicemail when the claimed victim tried to call her girlfriend.

However, according to the complaint, Patel grabbed the phone and threw it against a table in the space.

According to the complaint, Patel attempted to take his trousers down, “yanked” the woman’s shorts down, and then tried to shove her into the bed.

According to the complaint, he offered to give the claimed victim $20, but she “constantly pushed away and told him ‘no.'”