Man With 20 Year Old Killings And Spontaneous Abductions Finally Executed

Scott Eizember, 62, on the 12th of January, 2023 was executed for having killed an elderly couple and committing other grave crimes back 20 years ago. The Texan authorities caught up with him more than a month later.

The Story Unwinds

Once the injection filled with drugs began to flow into his body, he was seen talking to his spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeffrey Hood, who was inside the execution chamber with him. After a few seconds,he looked up and whispered the words “I Love You” to his daughter and the lawyers, all of whom were present inside the court room.

His breathing was seen to be a little hinged and he was declared unconscious after a point. He stopped breathing quite a while after and was pronounced dead at 10:15 AM. His lawyers didn’t deny his killing of A.J.Cantrell, 76 and his wife, Patsy Cantrell, 70 on the 18th of October, 2003. But they requested the state’s Pardon and Parole Board last month that the killings were not something he had pre planned. They assured that he was still a good man and his life still had value but the board voted and got this commencement rejected.

His lawyers said that he has felt sadness and regret each day during his imprisonment. After he was executed using the lethal drug, the family spoke of the pain they have tolerated so far and spoke vastly about the time it took for Scott to be executed, voicing their helplessness.

His Other Crimes

The elderly couple who died in the hands of Scott, has a nephew with the name Johnny Melton who spoke out on this occasion and said that 20 years is a massive amount of time for justice to be fairly served. He also said that everyone’s rights should be protected and he wants to work for that but the process behind it is much too slow.He also went on to talk about the importance of speaking out on domestic violence cases and mental health matters just as much, across the country. His exact words were “I know this is going to be a controversial statement, but I believe it to be a fact. It is the abuser who needs help. They need it when they are young, by the time the victim needs help, it’s too late.”

His crimes don’t end with just the elderly couple but right after doing something so ghastly, Scott walked across the road and entered another woman’s home, shot her son in the back and attacked her mother. The two women survived but Scott had fled in a stolen vehicle immediately after that.

Police even believes that he was hiding in the wooded areas around the towns of Depew and Bristow for more than a month while police everywhere had launched an investigation to find him. He somehow then made his way to Arkansas in a stolen car and kidnapped a physician as well as his wife at gunpoint. After he drove till Texas with the abducted couple, he was caught near Lufkin thankfully when the physician pulled out a pistol stashed in the couple’s van and shot Scott around 4 times.