Man Who Took Advantage of a Good Samaritan’s Kindness Gets 24 Years in Prison

Auguston Medelez, 20-year-old was arrested and charged with capital murder. His trial was set to begin next month, but he reached a plea deal with prosecutors on Monday. Medelez, who has a history of criminal activity, will now spend the next 24 years in prison for his actions.

A plea deal has been reached in the case of a young man who robbed and murdered a driver who stopped to help him. (Photo: LRT)

In October 2021, Auguston Medelez is accused by prosecutors of pretending to need help and getting a driver to pull over on West Hermine Blvd. Once the driver, 51-year-old Francisco Mendoza, stopped to assist him, Medelez allegedly shot Mendoza and took his cell phone. Mendoza later passed away at the hospital.

The tragic incident left the community in shock, as Mendoza was known for being a kind and helpful person. Friends and family of the victim have expressed their grief and disappointment that someone would take advantage of his generosity in such a heinous way.

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The victim’s son, Luis Mendoza, spoke to the press after the sentencing and said, “My father was a good man who always tried to help others. He did not deserve to die in such a senseless and violent manner. We hope that this sentence brings some closure to our family and that justice has been served.”

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant District Attorney Esteban Rodriguez, also spoke to the press and said, “We are satisfied with the sentence that has been handed down in this case. The defendant has taken responsibility for his actions and will now spend a significant amount of time behind bars. Our deepest sympathy is with the victim’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

This case serves as a reminder to be cautious when stopping to help strangers and to always be aware of one’s surroundings. It’s also a reminder that there are people in this world who will take advantage of the kindness and generosity of others for their own gain.

Francisco Mendoza’s death is a tragic loss for his family, friends, and the community, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of justice being served for the victims and their loved ones.

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