Man Who Decapitated Wife Has Bond Set to $500K, Reports Say Her Head Was in the Shower

Jared Dicus
Jared Dicus, Suspect (Photo, TODAY)

Jared James Dicus, 21, was charged with the murder of his 21-year-old wife Anggy Diaz who he just married last October 2022. According to the Waller County Sheriff’s Office, police were called out to the home around 4:18 p.m. by family members. Sheriff Troy Guidry says the victim was found inside a second home behind a residence in the 200 Block of Oak Hollow Boulevard west of Magnolia.

The documents stated, “what appeared to be the head of the victim is in the shower.” According also to court files, Diaz was found on the floor near the bed full of blood with multiple stab wounds in her back.

Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry says Dicus’s father hurriedly called the police when they found the victim. “The suspect addressed the parents and when they saw something wasn’t feeling right, they immediately go over to the house that they were living in, and that’s when they found what they found,” he says.

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The family was detained and relocated to the sheriff’s office when police arrived. When the suspect was brought back to the sheriff’s office for a witness statement, he gave a confession.

Sheriff Guidry says, everything happened on the property and all parts and pieces were recovered and submitted for evidence. Evidence also showed a kitchen knife was used in the murder.

A recent video captured the moments after police say Dicus committed the murder.

In the video provided to FOX 26, you can identify Dicus walking into a convenience store on Wednesday before noon. He reportedly stole a beer, walk past the counter and did not pay, and then open the beer in the parking lot.

On Friday morning, reports say Dicus had his bond set to $500,000.

The motive behind the killing is still unknown and under investigation.

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