Man Charged With Shooting Newton Police Chief, Now Facing More Charges

Officers back in Newton County, Texas saw right in front of their eyes, one of their colleagues being shot while he was producing an eviction notice. The officers are now talking about what actually went down.

Evictions And Drama

Sadly, it isn’t the very first time officers have been at houses in order to serve evictions but surely the first time they experienced an open gunfire. This incident took place on the 14th of January, 2023. Chief of police named Will Jackson and Sheriff Robert Burby were assisting Newton County Precinct One Constable Colton Havard to evict a couple from a house in the address of 3100 block of FM 1004.

Constable Havard said that he hadn’t contacted them, neither had any luck with them either. He went on to say that they didn’t want to talk to him or even show their participation in this case. This is what he admits led to these events. If they would have just spoken to the police, all of this that happened could have been very easily avoided.

When the law enforcement officers went to the reported house, the woman said they were trespassing. She wasn’t willing to co operate in any which way. When the officers forced themselves inside they experienced a wild gunfire. Multiple shots were fired and one of them hit the Chief of the police.

The Chief was wearing a ballistic vest but the bullet hit hi in the back. Even though it saved him from what could have been a brutal wound, he still is injured. The Sherrif Robert Burby said he immediately came running after he heard about the Chief going down.

What Comes Next For The Suspects

The female suspect, Betty Richards is thought to have pulled the trigger. It’s still not known if it was her or her boyfriend LC Gosey Junior. The Sheriff said that he had met her before so he tried to diffuse the situation by talking to her but she was constantly nagging. They had been served with an eviction notice quite a few times before but have repeatedly failed to appear in court

Burby went on to say that each time somebody in this arena gets hurt or injured, it greatly affects each one of them thinking it could have been them. A lot many officers and Departments of Public Safety responded to this incident.

What came out was disturbing in itself. As it turns out, the suspects had surrendered after the police used a loudspeaker and spoke to them from outside. They were finally arrested and wouldn’t anymore be allowed to live over there.

They were charged with an attempted murder of a peace officer back in the day. Betty Richards was accused with two more charges of attempted murder after this incident unfolded. She is being held captive in the Newton County Jail and so is her boyfriend, both on a massive bail count which they certainly will take quite a few years to repay and come out free, if at all.