Man Calls 911 After A Massive East Austin Shooting Broke Out

An affidavit filed on Thursday, the 19th of January, provided a great deal of information regarding an east Austin shooting.

Planned Or Petrified

A man was predominantly accused of killing his wife. Records in the Travis County court show that Austin police officers had responded to a call on Thursday at around 3:52 PM in the 2200 block of Colgate Lane. It says that 77-year-old Willie Herbert Easly called 911 and it was pretty clear that he was in a state of despair.

Records show that the caller was on the phone line with the 911 operator and he had Easley on a different phone line. While on a call with the 911 person, the caller stated  ‘Oh my gosh, I think he just said my mom is dead.’”

When the responders arrived on the scene, Easley opened the door and he blatantly pointed towards the hall of the residential building. A woman who was later identified as a 72-year-old boy named Muriel Easley was found hit.

The woman was seen to be suffering from a gunshot which was extensively life-threatening and it was on the back of the head. She was later pronounced dead. According to reports, when the responders went inside the apartment, Willie told them that he had shot her. When he was asked why did he commit such a crime, he simply said he doesn’t know.

It has been recorded that the entire apartment was checked head to toe and there weren’t any more victims found in the scene of the crime. There also was a firearm found inside a bedroom where Willie had certified the officers they’d find it.

Jail Or Bail

APD detectives who worked in the homicide department processed the entire crime scene and the crime weapon was a six-shot revolver loaded with 5 rounds and one spent cartridge.

During an interview with APD, the police officials said Willie’s speech was very slow but he couldn’t answer any of the questions. He was asked how and why Muriel was hurt and he said “She got shot”. When he was asked who shot her, he said “I guess I did”. The police are conflicted as to whether or not this was a pre-planned devious murder or a crime that wasn’t even thought of or planned in any which way.

Willie was reportedly not upset with his wife or there weren’t any problems between the aged couple. He, however, looked very indifferent and unbothered by the crime. There hasn’t been found any evidence which could go back to him plotting the entire thing.

Willie was arrested, nonetheless, and was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday, the 19th of January. As of Sunday, the 22nd of January, he has been put in prison in the Travis County jail on a $500,000 bond.

As of Saturday, the case has remained in the pre-accusation state and there haven’t been any upcoming court hearing dates lined in the Travis County system.