Luzerne Seniors Received Assistance with their Property Taxes and Rent Rebates

Alec Ryncavage, a Representative-elect from Plymouth who is a member of the Republican party, has announced a plan to help fixed-income seniors and disabled residents with their Property Tax and Rent Rebate forms for 2021.

Ryncavage mentioned the approaching deadline and the recent retirements of former Representative Gerald Mullery and former Senator John Yudichak from the Pennsylvania General Assembly as reasons for the outreach initiative.

Ryncavage’s staff were available to assist those who were eligible for the state rebates at Nanticoke City Hall on December 29 and December 30 of 2022, according to an update released by the Times Leader on December 29, 2022. He stated that it was important to address the need for assistance with the rebate forms in a timely manner as the application deadline was that Saturday and that his staff was ready and able to help these citizens.

The rebate program is available to eligible residents who are at least 65 years old, widows and widowers who are at least 50 years old, and people with disabilities who are at least 18 years old. The program has an income limit of $35,000 per year for homeowners and $15,000 per year for renters, and half of Social Security income is not included in these limits.

Ryncavage will be taking the oath of office on January 3rd and will represent the 119th Legislative District in Luzerne County.