Local News in Wisconsin: A Woman allegedly attempted to poison her husband with Euthanasia medications for animals

A Wisconsin lady has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide after allegedly poisoning her veterinarian husband with animal euthanasia medications on many occasions (Matthews, 2022).

The suspect namely Amanda Chapin was charged with one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. She allegedly poisoned her husband, Gary Chapin, three times between July and August 2022.

Amanda was accused of putting drugs in Gary’s coffee at one time. According to the criminal complaint. He felt like he was in underwater the first time it happened, but Amanda just told him his symptoms were similar to a stroke.

On August 21, he was hospitalized for the third time and placed in a coma for four days. Doctors at the hospital allegedly discovered evidence of barbiturates in his system, which included euthanasia medications as well as an anti-seizure medication for dogs.

The pair allegedly married in March and had a violent and chaotic marriage that stressed their marriage connection to the breaking point.

After the incident, Gary’s son filed a restraining order for his father, and Gary also filed for divorce in September.

In September 1, she reportedly violated the restraining order by emailing Chapin a suicide note and denies of poisoning him. She attempted suicide but was saved by paramedics who transported her to a nearby hospital.

Chapin was arrested and lodged into the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin. The court put her bail at $10,000 and prohibited her from contacting Gary or his family ever again.810268a9 7200 4b52 b8fc a48596fbf4b0 large16x9 Poisonsuspect