Last Round of Massive Relief Programs worth $200 to $1,050, Exact Date of Release Fixed – See if You’re Qualified

Massive Relief Programs were sent to Californians through one-time payments. The amount received ranged between $200 and $1,050 and was sent out to nearly 30 million residents. The fund was taken for California’s Middle-Class Tax Refund which will be completed in just eleven days.

Californians were battling with surging costs like the steepest gas prices in the nation. The program aims to help Californians better deal with this problem. They began releasing payments last October.

Most eligible recipients were already receiving their relief payment but others may still be waiting.


Direct deposit payments were received in mid-November 2022 by all eligible recipients.

Pre-paid debit cards were received in December by the groups who did not sign up for the direct deposit. Notifications were sent through the mail.

The groups who changed their banking information since they files their 2020 tax returns and did not sign up for direct deposit began receiving on December 17 through pre-paid debit cards.

The last batch will be sent out no later than January 14.



The payments were determined based on the filing status and income of the filer. The amount of payment varies.

For instance, if a couple has at least one dependent and has an income of $150,000 or less in 2020 will receive the maximum payment of $1,050.

For single filers, those with an income between $125,001 and $250,000 and have no dependents will receive the minimum payment of $200.

The head of household with an income of $500,001 or more as well as those single and joint filers with an income of $250,001 or more does not qualify for the payment.