Laid-off Twitter Employees Receive Lower Severance Payments than Promised

Some former Twitter employees received their official severance papers on Saturday after months of waiting and more delays this week. However, the payout is considerably less than many had anticipated, and the emails end up in junk folders.

The Promise Seems Unclear

After widespread layoffs, laid-off employees received assurances from Elon Musk that they would receive compensation. The lack of communication has been deafening as the deadline approaches. Twitter was compelled to reverse course and retain certain employees on the payroll longer after the layoffs were first announced.

About half of the workforce was let go by Elon Musk, and he tweeted on the same day that everyone who was fired would receive three months of severance pay. However, numerous former Twitter employees finally got their wish after two months of waiting for the firm to reveal the severance package and benefits they would be receiving, a source posted. 

Former employees are bringing arbitration lawsuits in the US as the weeks of waiting evolve into months, and some are attempting to negotiate conditions in the UK. Unfortunately, people haven’t heard anything about Twitter’s workforce layoffs in other nations.

Hiring After LayOff 

A month ago, a source said that Elon Musk is now hiring again after firing over two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500 employees in three weeks. Musk stated that references from employees are welcomed and that the company is actively hiring for positions in sales and engineering.

Musk conceded that the company’s ongoing restructuring would have a lot of mistakes at first but eventually settle down.

Anyone joining Twitter  would do so in a significantly smaller organization than it was prior to Musk’s takeover. Employees at Twitter will earn stock options and be permitted to use them repeatedly, just as at his other privately held company, SpaceX.