Kansas Walmart overtaxed costumers on New Year’s Day – Can you request a refund?

The first day of the grocery sales tax in Kansas begins on January 1 and it was cut to 4%. Per KWCH reporting, many shoppers in Wichita were puzzled to know that their Walmart receipts don’t reflect their change in it.

On the contrary, some shoppers were charged the old rate which is 6.5% – and the new rate on top of it, in addition to any additional applicable local sales taxes.

The Kansas Department of Revenue and Walmart confirmed that the issue had been resolved as of January 2.

A Walmart spokesperson said “On January 1, after the reduced state sales tax rate on food items went into effect in Kansas, some costumers were mistakenly charged the higher, outdated rate, along with the new rate.” They apologize for any inconvenience that they brought.

Now, can you request a refund if you were overcharged by Walmarts?

Yes! You can receive a refund if you were one of the shoppers mistakenly overcharged by Walmart, you can go to any Walmart in Kansas and bring your receipt.

The tax cut includes basic grocery items and food like bread, bottled water, milk, and others. The tax cut does not include tobacco and alcohol. The drop to 4% is the first step in the process to get rid of the food sales tax altogether, and this won’t be the first time the sales tax on marts drop in the state.

Next year, the rate will drop even lower up to 2%, before its disappearance in 2025.