Jury Puts Man To 14 Years In Prison For Murdering Neighbour Over Mattress Disagreement

Gruesome And Unkind

A father from Texas was sentenced to 14 years in prison back in 2018 for shooting his neighbour during a heated disagreement over a meagre mattress in Abilene, Texas. The jury members in Taylor County reached their decision against the very aged, 72 year old Johnnie Miller of Abilene right after convicting him or murder in this very extravagantly saddening case.

Johnnie apparently rejected an offer of 25 years and received even less from a jury. The defense attorneys for the Millers, namely Justin Sparks, Ken Sparks and Graham Norris, all belonging to Fort Worth reportedly said this. The same jury also found Johnnie’s son, Michael Miller absolutely not guilty of murder. The defense attorneys were extremely happy and unbearably ecstatic because his son was falsely accused of being guilty and after he was offered 25 years behind bars, he was voted not guilty in the end.

Johnnie Miller was charged with first degree murder back in the fatal shooting back in September of 2018 when he shot Aaron Howard. A trial was set for both the father and son and it took place this week in the 350th District Court in Abilene. The shooting was captured on a two-minute cellphone video which was released in the case in the court of law.

Johnnie Miller and his son were both accused of murdering Aaron Howard, 37 on the 1st of September, 2018 in a narrow alley behind their residence in the 4300 block of Don Juan Street in south Abilene. Abilene is about 150 miles west of Fort Worth.

Truth Wins

The father and son duo argued constantly with Aaron and Aaron’s friend gave him a baseball bat. Johnnie first shot Aaron in the forearm which made Aaron hit him with a baseball bat. Johnnie then shot him two more times and then Johnnie’s son, Michael, shot him in the back of his head as can be seen in the video.

The defense asked the jury to imagine the entire situation while showing Aaron’s bat and reminding them that he was 6’7 and had quite a temper. The prosecution then showed the jurors the pistol and shotgun that the Millers’ possessed reminding them that Howard was atleast 6 feet away from them when they shot him.

The defense attorneys argued that they are supposed to use self defense in cases like these. It’s a fight and flight response, he argued. However, Aaron’s wife, Kara Box had seen the entire shooting and had quite a few words to say against this. She had a telephonic interview and after she released a 2 minute video showing the entire dispute and the shooting, the world was shook.

She had taken the video in her cellphone and she told the jurors that after moving in to the property back in April, 2018, they hadn’t even spoken to the Millers until the 1st of September when this gruesome and utterly unnecessary incident took place. She appalled the defense and told everyone very convincingly that no one should instigate a man, defend themselves after that and then call it a crime out of self defense.