James Comey Testimony Contradicts Republicans Comment About Hillary Clinton’s ‘Classified’ Emails

Republicans who support Donald Trump and the MAGA party, as well as a large portion of the mainstream media, have incorrectly claimed that Hillary Clinton transferred identifying classified information in her emails to her server. That is untrue, as it was corroborated in congressional testimony by James Comey, a former FBI director who isn’t exactly renowned as being kind to Clinton.

Comparable to Clinton’s Information Handling 

There is simply no comparison to be made between the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and the case against the former secretary of state.

Laufman is qualified to assess the seriousness of these issues. He oversaw the investigation of David Petraeus, the former general and CIA director who pleaded guilty to a felony for abusing sensitive information, in addition to the Clinton case, a source posted. 

What potential offenses the DOJ is looking into are still being determined in the absence of more significant details about the inquiry. Notably, Trump signed a law in 2018 that increased the punishment for the unapproved removal and retention of classified documents from one year to five years, making it a felony offense. It came after a ferocious campaign against Clinton in which he demanded that she be jailed for handling classified information.

The Misinformation

Comey spoke before the House Oversight Committee on July 7, 2016. In response to questions, he said that the FBI had only discovered three emails with any discernible classified markings out of the 33,000 Clinton emails it had individually reviewed in the spring and early summer of 2016. Even classification experts, according to him, wouldn’t recognize that little “c” as a classified marker.

James Comey testified under oath that not a single one of the 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails would be identified as secret by a classification expert, according to politico.com report. 

After all this time and inaccurate media coverage, the FBI discovered that none of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails they examined included any discernible marking for secret information. The media was urged to retract the story and issue an apology.