ISD Board President Charged With Indecent Behaviour With A Child

President of a North Texas school district’s board of trustees has been charged with indecency concerning a minor.

Abomination Of Position

The news of Prosper ISD board president accused of indecency with a child sent the mass into a state of frenzy. The man goes by the name Drew Wilborn and is currently 43 years old. He was arrested on Wednesday, the 25th of January by the Dallas police. The district gave a statement to the police where they very clearly mentioned that to the best of their knowledge, this entire situation doesn’t in any shape and form involve any Prosper ISD students.

The accused is now being held at the Dallas County jail as of Wednesday night. The charges against him are one count of indecency with a child by making filthy, non consensual sexual act. No bail has been set for him yet and it was pretty unsure whether or not he has an attorney up until now. The police department in Dallas said that they had started their entire investigation after realizing back in April only that Wilborn had apparently touched a 16 year old without her consent, very inappropriately.

The school district’s website mentions that Wilborn had moved to Prosper back in 2017 and he was elected to be on the school board back in 2021 which is quite recent, as a matter of fact. His term ends next year in 2024. The district biography says that Wilborn is an executive pastor at Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas. However, one another news that came up was that the church’s website did not list Wilborn on its staff page as of Wednesday night.

Grave End

It looks like justice is on it’s verge to be served. In August of 2022, Prosper ISD parents spoke about how unruly the handling of allegations were. There was one in particular which was quite disturbing in it’s totality. A request was made to the trustees after reporting an incident where a family had alleged a bus driver to have sexually abused their daughters roughly 100 times, to say the least.

The trustees had then hired a law firm in order to investigate further on this matter but this case hadn’t led to anything concrete right after that which had led the parents grow extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with how things went around in the community. Wilborn had however said at the board meeting that the school officials were pretty quick to act upon the allegations after learning about the complaint filed against the bus driver. He had said that time that he understands the anger of the community and shares the same outrage, if not more.

It’s surprising and disturbing that the one who was supposed to be the healer, the helper, is actually the accused. Detective Raungi Jones at 214-671-4331 can be contacted in this case if anyone has any information regarding this or any other potential accusers.