Internet Services May Be Free Or Discounted For Millions of Americans – See Who Qualifies

Many States in the United States are giving out programs for people to avail of to have free or cheaper Wi-Fi.

Several states are offering different programs, but other companies like AT&T and Mobile are participants in the promotion of discounted Wi-Fi.

Since the Covid19 Pandemic starts, remote learning or working from home has become much more prevalent.

Unfortunately, not all kids or adults had easy access to the internet.

In New York City Housing Authority residents (NYCHA), hundreds of thousands can get free Wi-Fi and basic cable.

Last September, Mayor Eric Adams provided a new program to the city to ensure that New Yorkers will receive basic internet needs, “Big Apple Connect,” is what the program is called.

Mayor Adams told, “It’s been too long that NYCHA residents have been disconnected, while the rest of the city has been connected,” and so the goal of the program is to bridge the digital divide.

Spectrum, Optimum, or Charter are the internet services that the five boroughs are receiving.

Here are the following items for free for NYCHA residents:

  • Internet connections with 300 Mbps download speed
  • Modem
  • Basic Cable TV
  • Wireless router
  • Cable box and remote control

New Yorkers can visit their website for more information on the location of who will be receiving the services.

Mayor Adams plans to install the services at more than 200 developments at the end of 2023.

In California, a couple of companies participated in federal programs, affordable connectivity programs, to provide Wi-Fi to people, depending on where they live in.

The affordable connectivity program along with access from AT&T decreases your bill if you live in qualifying Tribal lands, up to $30 per month or up to $75 off per month.

Recipients will not have an annual contract and can get free installations with in-home Wi-Fi included.

Californians are eligible to receive internet speed up to 100Mbps for free with the federal ACP benefit and Access from AT&T.

T-mobile is also offering a program to ensure students get Wi-Fi, in addition to AT&T’s program.

T-mobiles Project 10Million provides free hotspots with 100GBs of mobile data each year for the next five years and access to at-cost laptops and tablets to 10 million qualified K-12 students.

August 30, 2024, is the deadline. Hurry now and apply!