Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Arrested After Throwing Out Garbage into Neighbor’s Trash bin

Federal investigators saw Idaho quadruple murder suspect Bryan Kohberger, after being spotted outside his family’s home throwing garbage into their neighbor’s trash bin, last December 30, leading up to his arrest as they surveilled him.

Kohberger, 28, is a Ph.D. student in Washington State’s department of criminal justice and criminology. He was visiting his family in Pennsylvania over winter break that time during his arrest.

The local FBI was already aware of his presence in their home last December 22.  Four days before he was arrested, FBI agents surveilled his parent’s home in Albrightsville.

Kohberger was charged with first-degree murder and burglary in Idaho for the killings of four University of Idaho students namely: Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen, as well as Kernodle’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin who were roommates. The victims were all stabbed to death in their home between 4 a.m. and 4:25 a.m. on Nov. 13, Two other roommates reportedly survived.

One of the survivors told police in court documents, that night during the crime she thought she heard Goncalves say something like “there’s someone here”, but was unsure. Records showed that could have been Kernodle on her phone because she was seen on TikTok at about 4:12 a.m.

The survivor looked out of her bedroom but did not see anything. For the second time, she opened her door after hearing what she thought was crying coming from Kernodle’s room. She then said that she heard a male voice say something to the effect of ‘it’s ok, I’m going to help you’. She opened her door again to check when she heard the cry, and that’s when she saw a man walking past her, wearing black clothes and a mask. After seeing him, she locked herself in her room, the documents said.

Kohberger has not yet entered a plea. The schedule of his next status hearing is on January 12.

Idaho quadruple murder suspect
Idaho quadruple murder suspect arrested (Photo: CNN)