Houston Cops Look for 2 men, 4 women Who Allegedly Attacked and Shot a Man

On Houston’s east side, a man was attacked and shot while picking up four women, and authorities believe the whole thing may have been a setup.

Details Of The Report

Officers said they were summoned to Clinton Park Street just after midnight on Thursday in reference to a gunshot.

The 20-year-old male explained to police that four ladies contacted him after his workout at the Planet Fitness on Scott Street and begged for a ride. After agreeing, he took them to the east side of the city, where he immediately realized something was wrong.

One of the women began to get out of the car as they neared their destination, which is when problems began, according to the police. The driver’s side door was opened by a suspect brandishing a pistol, according to police, at the moment the guy stopped.

The victim reported seeing a second guy with a pistol standing behind his vehicle.

He rushed off out of fear for his life, and as he did so, the Black male suspect shot him in the abdomen, according to Lt. Ignacio Izaguirre of the Houston Police Department.

The man reportedly requested neighbors in an east side area for assistance after he saw a screen door was open until an ambulance came.

According to authorities, one of the ladies ultimately removed the car’s keys from the ignition, and the other three women—who were still inside—ran off.

The four ladies who they suspect were engaged in what looks to have been a set up, along with the two shooters, are all wanted by the police.

They are informed that the sufferer had surgery and will probably make a full recovery.

Other Crime Reports

In Harris County, two murder-suicides were recorded by authorities in less than 24 hours, both of which included children.

The most recent occurred on Wednesday morning, when Sheriff Ed Gonzalez claimed a man in Channelview killed his common-law wife and then committed suicide.

The same little apartment unit housed his 15-year-old brother’s bed. It was him who discovered a man and a woman dead and dialed 911.

Living underneath the family for two years, Lori Graham stated, “Right now I feel like I should have done more.” Every night we would hear pounding upstairs, and now we know it was him tossing her about against the dresser, against this, against that. “I left an abusive spouse, so I knew the signs and I tried. I tried to tell her, “You need assistance.”

Her cameras showed the man she and other neighbors believe to be the man taking his rifle from his car early on Wednesday morning.

As soon as he exits the frame, four consecutive gunshots can be heard. After then, the police showed up.

The 15-year-old will be cared for by another family member who Child Protective Services was able to find.