Harris County Court Dismissed Charges Against Texas Man That Threw White Claw at Sen. Ted Cruz

After a grand jury could not return an indictment, the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge against Joseph Halm Arcidiacono was dropped on Friday. Sen. Ted Cruz was allegedly hit with unopened White Claw cans thrown by Arcidiacono during the Astros World Series parade in Houston the previous year.

Hit with Claw Cans

Arcidiacono allegedly raced up to the procession barrier wall, tossed the two unopened cans, and then fled before being swiftly apprehended at the parade in downtown Houston on Nov. 7. Cruz was reportedly struck in the chest and neck while standing in the back of a military vehicle and waving to spectators. According to reports, he did not require medical care, a source posted. 

Arcidiacono allegedly threw the two unopened cans at Cruz from the barrier wall of the parade before being caught by someone else as he fled and being taken to the police.

Following the procession on November 8, Arcidiacono was detained without incident and accused of aggravated assault; his bond was set at $40,000 for Arcidiacono, and he has since been released.

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No Harm was Meant and Not Political

Bill Stradley, Arcidiacono’s attorney, claimed no malicious intent when a few White Claw hard seltzer cans were thrown at Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the Astros victory parade. He claimed Arcidiacono had hoped the two-term congressman would take pleasure in the liquor that had been hurled at him.

In the statement, Stradley, speaking on Arcidiacono’s behalf, clarifies that no wrongdoing was intended while expressing regret for the actions taken, not political violence, as he claimed, nor “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

Cruz posted on Twitter shortly after the incident, thanking the Houston Police and Capitol Police for acting quickly. He was also grateful that the clown who threw his White Claw had an arm made of a noodle.