Greg Abbott Appears to Troll Failing Kicker for the Dallas Cowboys on Twitter 

Sunday night, as the Dallas Cowboys took on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC divisional playoff game, Gov. Greg Abbott sent out a tweet that appeared to surprise both his admirers and his detractors.

NFL Playoffs

For those who are unfamiliar with the governor of Texas or the NFL playoffs, here are some brief introductions and background information.

Maher has a regular-season record of 50 of 53 extra-point tries made, but his postseason play has been inconsistent. Monday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw Maher miss four extra-point attempts. It made no difference that he was one of the five players in the game. 31-14 was the final score in the Cowboys’ victory.

In 2014, Abbott was chosen. Since he was 26 years old, he has been confined to a wheelchair. Following a storm, Abbott was running when a tree crashed on him, leaving him paralyzed below the waist.

Gov. Abbott tweeted, “I promise, I can kick as good as the Dallas Cowboys kicker,” in response to Maher’s first extra point try being blocked in the second quarter of the playoff game.

Before the game ended, the original tweet got 76,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets and quote tweets.

Many people spoke in Abbott’s favor, while others used the chance to attack him and his politics.

Other Reports, Texas Governor

Gov. Greg Abbott responded on Monday to the White House’s harsh condemnation of his decision to transport additional migrants to Washington, D.C., over the weekend, when they landed on Christmas Eve in subzero conditions outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ house.

In an effort to “relieve” border towns and protest “reckless” federal border policy, Abbott has been irregularly busing migrants from Texas for months.

According to a Texas Division of Emergency Management spokesman, the state spent over $12 million on the excursions, which also included charter buses and security, in September.

The latest busing was described as a “cruel, hazardous, and disgraceful act” by the White House on Sunday.

At least 139 migrants, including several families, came late Saturday in three buses, according to Amy Fischer, an aid worker who was stationed outside Harris’ home at the Naval Observatory. She added that none of the migrants were wearing cold-weather clothing. It was in the teens outside.

After that, according to Fischer of ABC News, the individuals were transferred to a nearby church.

The passengers who were bused “willingly opted to travel,” according to Eze, Abbott’s spokeswoman, who also noted that they “wrote a voluntary consent release accessible in many languages before boarding stating they consented on the location.”