Grammy Winner Mark Capps was killed during police encounter shoot-out in Hermitage

Four-time Grammy winner Mark Capps, 54, was killed in an officer-involved shooting at a home in Hermitage. Capps is said to have woken up his wife and stepdaughter around 3 a.m.

Thursday morning and held them at gunpoint. Police stated that he threatened to kill them multiple times if they tried to call for help. The incident was going on for a while until Capps eventually fell asleep on a bed.

That gave his wife, 60, and stepdaughter, 23,  a chance to escape from the home and are now safe. They are currently in the custody of the Family Safety Center, where they are seeking to secure a protective order against Capps (Keller & Walker, 2023).

During the altercation with the SWAT members, he was fatally shot.

Metro Nashville Community Oversight (MNCO), an independent oversight group that tackles police accountability, sent investigators to the scene of the shot incident.

The oversight board stated that they watched the body-worn camera footage at MNPD Headquarters, but that the team still has issues regarding how the event resulted in the death of someone.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is further investigating the shooting incident. The shooting took place near Music City Star Hermitage Station on Summit Run Place. MNPD said they are working to review the series of events that led to the death of Capps.

The TBI states that all results will be shared with the district attorney general for additional study and consideration. This inquiry is continuing.