Governor Greg Abbott cautions state agencies to prepare for winter storm

Governor Greg Abbott is making an effort to be ready and in front of the winter weather that is hitting residents of Texas. He is attempting to dodge the criticism he has received over the years as a result of the hundreds of individuals that ERCOT has left without electricity.

Preparation Winter

Governor Abbott once more warned state agencies to get ready for a winter freeze that was predicted to hit North, West, and East Texas on January 23. The predicted arrival of the weather was from Monday evening until Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, Dallas may anticipate significant rain showers along with a few light showers in the evening. A high of 45 degrees will be experienced today.

The 2021 winter storm that left people without electricity and resulted in the deaths of 246 people from freezing to death has the Texas governor doing all in his ability to avert a backlash. To make sure Texans have access to electricity to remain warm, the governor has been working with ERCOT.

Governor Abbott warned State agencies earlier this month to be ready for the winter weather this year. In dealing with the Texas weather, Abbott is attempting to be proactive rather than reactive.

Other Reports, Possible Tornadoes

The Houston region may see destructive winds, probable tornadoes, and snow on Tuesday due to a winter storm that is forecast to deliver snow to areas of Texas.

Eric Berger of Space City Weather predicted Monday morning that Tuesday will begin with sporadic showers and thunderstorms in the area as the system progresses towards the Lone Star State. According to Berger, “the line of storms will probably push off the coast around 4 to 6 pm and reach regions like Katy between approximately 1 and 3 p.m., the downtown area around 2 to 4 p.m.”

According to forecasts, the line of storms will bring one to three inches of cumulative rain to much of Houston and the surrounding area.

In a tweet on Friday, ERCOT, which oversees the Texas power system, stated that it is “watching predictions” and anticipates having sufficient electricity output to fulfill demand as cold weather and potential precipitation permeate North Texas this week.